Does Your Company Have A Sloth Problem?

Spot the sloth in your company? Uncover the reasons behind slow work and learn how training can transform sluggish employees into empowered achievers.

You know what a sloth is, right? A cute mammal that lives high in the trees of Central and South America. They tend to have facial expressions similar to humans, thus the reason many people are fascinated by them.

They are also incredibly slow.

Do you have a sloth in your company? You know the one. An employee, that no matter how hard you push, is just plain slow? There are generally two reasons an employee may be a slow worker.

The first reason is that they are simply not motivated. This is a hard one because there is not much you can do to get them moving. You can poke, prod, scream and yell, but that will not get either of you anywhere near productive. You could find another position for them where they are motivated. Or, you can "help" them exit your company.

The second reason is that there is a capability gap. They simply do not know how to do the job well enough to have the confidence to move forward. This you can do something about. You can train them until they have that confidence, and then watch them flower. This is empowering to your employees.

Want to see a sloth move fast?
Train them.

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