Is Your Crew Running Like Benny Hill?

Avoid Benny Hill chaos in landscaping! Are your crews wasting time on repeat tasks? Explore training for efficiency.

Remember those Benny Hill reruns when we were growing up? The hilarious British comedian always ended his shows with a sped up video of him running around getting into slap stick trouble, set to a comical song. My brothers and I would fall down laughing at them.

What’s not funny is seeing your landscape crews essentially do the same thing on a job site.

I was observing a landscape crew from a large commercial company some time ago. I observed a crew member string trim the same area three times. He would trim it, walk away to do another area, then trim it again….and again. What’s worse, I watched as another crew member did the same area once also!

That little area may be the best cared for piece of lawn in the entire town!

Do your crews do this? Do they waste precious time working the same area, over and over again? Are they trained to do better?

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